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Boys Adrift

Articles by Dr. Sax

Selected popular publications

The boy problem: many boys think school is stupid and reading stinks
School Library Journal, September 2007.

What's happening to boys?
Washington Post, March 31, 2006.

In his op-ed for the Washington Post March 31 2006, Dr. Sax called attention to the growing phenomenon of the "Failure to Launch" boy/man: a young man in his 20's, or even his 30's, who is still living at home with his parents — and who doesn't see what the problem is. The Washington Post invited Dr. Sax to host a one-hour on-line chat, which broke all previous records for the Washington Post: they shut the system down after receiving 395 posts. Dr. Sax himself says that the transcript of the chat session is more interesting than his own op-ed was. It's certainly a lot longer. You can read the transcript of the online chat session here.

Single-sex education: Separate but better?
Philadelphia Daily News, March 1, 2006.

The Promise and the Peril of Single-Sex PUBLIC Education
Education Week, March 2, 2005.

Too Few Women: Figure It Out
Los Angeles Times, January 23, 2005.

Teens Will Speed. Let's Watch Them Do It.
The Washington Post, November 28, 2004.

The Odd Couple: Hillary Clinton & Kay Bailey Hutchison
The Women's Quarterly (The Journal of the Independent Women's Forum), Summer 2002.

Rethinking Title IX
The Washington Times, July 2 2001.

Ritalin: Better living through chemistry?
The World & I, November 2000.


Selected scholarly publications

Six degrees of separation: What teachers need to know about the emerging science of sex differences.
Educational Horizons, Spring 2006, 84:190-212.

The Diagnosis and Treatment of ADHD in Women
The Female Patient, November 2004, 29:29-34.

Who First Suggests the Diagnosis of Attention-Deficit / Hyperactivity Disorder?
Annals of Family Medicine,September 2003, 1:171-174.

Dietary Phosphorus Is Toxic for Girls But Not for Boys
[Victor Preedy, editor]. Invited chapter, in: Annual Reviews in Food & Nutrition, Taylor & Francis Publishers, London, UK, 2003, Chapter 8, pp. 158-168.

What Was the Cause of Nietzsche's Dementia?
Journal of Medical Biography, Royal Medical Society, London, February 2003, 11:47-54.

How Common Is Intersex?
The Journal of Sex Research, August 2002, 39(3):174-178.

Maybe Men and Women Are Different
American Psychologist, July 2002, pp. 444-445.

The Institute of Medicine's 'Dietary Reference Intake' for Phosphorus: a critical perspective
Journal of the American College of Nutrition, 2001, 20(4):271-278.

Reclaiming Kindergarten: making kindergarten less harmful to boys
Psychology of Men and Masculinity, American Psychological Association, 2001, 2(1):3-12.

Characteristics of spatiotemporal integration in the priming and rewarding effects of medial forebrain bundle stimulation
[with C. R. Gallistel]. Behavioral Neuroscience, 1991, 105(6):884-900.

Temporal integration in self-stimulation: a paradox
Behavioral Neuroscience, 1984, 98(3):467-8.

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