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“I am usually pessimistic about learning anything useful at the workshops required by our school district.  It was a stroke of luck that I attended Dr. Sax’s session.  What was so rewarding in his presentation was that it helped me to understand why some things have worked well for me in the classroom while others have not.   I now see the behavior of my students in a new way.”
— Jonathan Lind, Sudley Elementary School, Manassas, Virginia

“Dr. Sax is an outstanding speaker.  His insights, all based on scientific evidence, are informative and at times nothing short of astounding.  He has stimulated our minds, challenged, entertained, and inspired us.  I do hope we might work together again.”
— Meg Hansen, Principal, Lauriston Girls’ School, Melbourne, Australia

 “Inspiring.  I came back to school and shared all the information with the staff.  A huge success.”
— Suzanne Muggy, Ella Stewart Academy for Girls, Toledo Public Schools, Toledo, Ohio

“I was profoundly impressed by the information which Dr. Sax shared with us.  I also appreci­ated his style of presentation:  a logical sequence of ideas supported by compelling evidence. An excellent presentation.”
— Don Comeau, Clear Water Academy, Calgary, Alberta

“The information which Dr. Sax shared with us is truly fascinating and tremendously important.”
— Elizabeth Downes, Director, Association of Independent Schools of Greater Washington

“Dr. Sax gave three outstanding presentations:  one for the students, one for the faculty, and one for the parents.  The result is a ‘buzz’ around campus – we’re all excited about implementing this new information in our daily practice.  Dr. Sax is an extremely gifted doctor, researcher, and presenter.  His unique ability to draw in various constituencies is remarkable.  We would love to have him back.”
— Andrew Byrne, Dean of Faculty, Convent of the Sacred Heart, Greenwich, Connecticut

“The thing I find so gratifying in listening to Dr. Sax is that he provides evidence, hard science, to support the points he’s making.  That’s rare in my experience, when speakers talk about gender."
— David Lloyd, The Webb Schools, Claremont, California

“Wow!  Fantastic.   A great balance of research and facts - and humor!”
— Betsy Perlman, Commonwealth Education Organization, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

“Extremely interesting . . . challenged many of our basic assumptions and helped us to think about gender in a new way.”
— Joan Ogilvy Holden, Head of School, St. Stephen’s and St. Agnes’ School, Alexandria, VA

“The teachers found Dr. Sax’s seminar interesting and thought-provoking.  Dr. Sax’s evening presentation to the parents had an even more profound impact.  His content goes far beyond gender differences to deep questions about the directions our society is taking.” 
— Janet Sailian, Director of Communications, Branksome Hall, Toronto, Ontario

 “Dr. Sax is the leading authority on gender differences in North America.”
— Ron Wallace, Principal, Clear Water Academy, Calgary, Alberta

“I stayed up past midnight talking with my colleagues about what I heard at Dr. Sax’s presentation earlier that day.  His talk was brilliant and inspiring.  I confess to feeling a poverty of words in trying to convey how much I enjoyed hearing Dr. Sax and how much I appreciate what he is doing for education.”
— Gerry Grossman, Head of School, Woodlands Academy, Lake Forest, Illinois

 “Dr. Sax’s presentation was extremely well received and resonated with our teachers’ experiences and observations.”
— Jaralyn Hough, Head of School, The Barnesville School, Barnesville, Maryland

“Dr. Sax gave a fabulous presentation at the Niagara Principals’ conference.  My colleagues are still all aglow with what they heard and have purchased more than 200 of his books through a local provider – I know, because I arranged the sale.  We would very much like to have him back.” 
— Gary King, vice principal, Lakeview Public School, Grimsby, Ontario

“Invaluable.  Dr. Sax’s expertise has guided us well along this new journey.”
— Cindy Chandler, Assistant Superintendent, Baldwin County Public Schools, Alabama

“Dr. Sax gave an exceptional presentation to more than 100 school administrators, along with other educational leaders from nearby public and private schools.  The information he presented, and his style of presentation, made the entire three hours enlightening and informative.”
— Robert Paserba, Superintendent, Diocese of Pittsburgh (Pennsylvania)

“Of all the sessions I attended, Dr. Sax’s was the only one which gave me concrete information I could use in the classroom.”
— Daren Starnes, Director of Academic Studies, The Webb Schools, Claremont, California

“The school is still abuzz with good thoughts and feelings after hearing Dr. Sax’s talk.  Be sure to stop by Jill and Betsy’s [first- and second-grade] classrooms.  As a result of hearing Dr. Sax, they are now conducting their [all-boys] classes without chairs.  It is incredible to watch the in­creased concentration.  The boys’ performance has improved at least 200%.  It was just one of the ideas Dr. Sax shared with us.” 
— Meg Steele, Head of the Lower School, Hardey Preparatory, Chicago, Illinois (from her e-mail to Nat Wilburn, Principal, Hardey Preparatory)

“I can’t tell you how interesting and informative your session was for me.  What I learned will most definitely benefit my children and for that I am very grateful.  I hope I will have the oppor­tunity to listen to you again.”
— Kathy K., mother of two children, Calgary, Alberta, in an e-mail to Dr. Sax

“I thank God I came to your seminar.  I wish more parents had shown up.”
— Stephanie K., mother of a young boy, Montgomery County, Maryland


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